Home away, Homestay

In my life, I had the opportunity to travel a lot. Mostly, I chose to stay in the hotel in the city which closed to all amenities like 7-11, department stores, public transport, shopping areas, restaurants.

The home-stay is where we have to live in someone else’s home. To live with strangers is something I’ve never thought of doing.

Since I was a child, my mother always teaches that you don’t go to stay in someone else’s home in any case. And I always remember that ever since. In the Thai language, we have a word called “Kreng-Jai” which means “considerate” meaning we feel uneasy to disturb others. Because they had to take their valuable time to take care of us.

But then, my thoughts came to the turning point. When I went to celebrate Christmas in Japan with a limited budget. I wanted to travel to Tokyo. I wanted to see the light. I like the lights that adorn the tall buildings along the road, and of course, on Christmas Trees. The limited budget makes me unable to pay to stay in a hotel. The budget-friendly accommodation which seemed possible for me at that time was a Japanese homestay. And that was the first time in my life that I had stayed in other people’s home.

I was afraid, considerate, and uncomfortable at first. But in a matter of minutes, I can become familiar with the host. We had fun talking with guessing English and Japanese. The host said she wants to open her house for tourists to stay because she felt concerned. She would like people who are far from home to feel warm, happy, and safe, like being at their own home.

It is a wonderful experience that beyond my expectation. I have never forgotten and that is the beginning of my love story with Thailand homestay. I’m so in love, so inspired. I want to see homestay in Thailand be able to take care of fellow travelers, make them fun, happy, warm and safe, like in their own home.

If you’re looking for a peaceful place to stay in Thailand from North to South. Stay closed to gentle local people, excellent local food, learn deep local culture. Please feel free to give me a message. I can arrange the trip for you. Thank you 😀